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Finding time for yourself in this hi-tech, fast paced, 24/7 world of business difficult?...
...you need to read this book!

In this world we live, finding time out for yourself can be almost impossible and this can lead to 'burn out', drop in performance and health problems. We all know the demands on us from our work & family will always be there, so we all need to learn how to cope with the associated stress and learn how to relax.

Learn how to RELAX

This book explains how your body reacts to stress cover all aspects of dealing with stress from work performance; business travel; problems related to smoking; alchohol and drugs; diet; exercise; family stress; male health problems; redundancy and retirement; Type A Personality; stress and the woman executive; the office environment.

Based on a full executive stress management course it condenses weekly sessions into ten chapters with Instruction in Deep Relaxation Technique being given by the author on the audio which accompanies the book.

Factual & Amusing

The book provides you with facts about the human body and how it reacts to stress in an amusing and engaging way with the help of diagrams & cartoons (See the sample pages below).

Sample pages:
Book Preview Page 6Book Preview Page 7Book Preview Page 98 Book Preview Page 34 Book Preview Page 6

With this book you too can really learn to RELAX and become more calm, confident and really able to enjoy life again!

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