David M Bibby

IT Director & Project Manager

Profile I am an IT Director/Project Management Professional (Development & Operations) with broad IT experience covering disciplines of change and transition management, project start-ups, operations and support (both user and inter-departmental), service management (ITIL) and application software development. I am solution driven with an expectation of creativity, flexibility and continuous improvement from the teams brought together and led. An experienced and successful communicator with staff at all levels and disciplines. I take a naturally optimistic, friendly and cooperative approach to work, balanced with a resilient and resolute management style. I thrive on challenge and enjoy troubleshooting. I have solid start up experience from running two businesses and a new function within a global law firm
  Managing the change around taking new systems out of project mode into day to day operational running (including service definition, development, resourcing & bedding in)  
  • Built a fully staffed and operational support service (incl. 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support) using the ITIL framework within budget in time for a system go live
  • Maintained a 100% availability score for a system despite a ongoing substantial project change and fault fixing programme.
  • Built service continuity processes into day to day running that were utilized during the terrorist attacks on 7/7/05 and the train strikes of the same year.
  • Achieved target of building and operating a service despite conflicting objectives with resources shared with an associated roll-out programme
  • Successfully managed a complex budget of up to £9.5m utilized by multiple departments and where the plans underpinning the budget changed often
  Managing the assessment & change around downsizing, restructuring or re-resourcing of teams.  
  • Transformed a group of individual developers working one to one with internal clients, into a team providing an Application Development and Maintenance service
  • Discovered and recorded over 100+ applications supported by a group and ensured they were logged in an online database. The information later proved a valuable reference during an internal project to upgrade the firm’s desktop platform to Windows 2000 as it enabled a known group of applications to be tested.
  • Successfully decommissioned 20 systems, avoiding the need for the Y2K compliance process to be invoked, through dialogue with the users of the systems. Took the remaining 10 applications through the Y2K compliance process by building test plans and test cases
  Managing new businesses including startup sales & marketing on a tight budget  
  • Drove the development of internal management processes across all disciplines; sales & marketing, financial & technical delivery
  • Launched a 24/7/365 hosted IT service (DaaS)
  • Secured clients in local government, finance, law and healthcare
  • Sought and won contracts to the value of £17,000 with Boosey & Hawkes and the Bertelsmann Group (BMG).
  • Secured investment to the value of £15,000 from bank finance and private investment of £37,000
  Managed budgets up to £10m  
  Managed teams of up to 30 staff (permanent, contract & third party)  
  Previous Clients  
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Financial Markets
  • Clifford Chance LLP
  • Merton Council
  • British Medical Association
  • London Stock Exchange
  • BAe (British Aerospace)

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